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Can You Mix cbd Oil With e Liquid-Complete Guides

can you mix cbd oil with e liquid : In the vaping industry, two movements continue to occur simultaneously. As the legal cloud lifts off from cannabis and CBD, millions of smokers around the country are switching to e-cigarettes alongside the impressive growth of vape juice products.

When you combine these trends, you have even more choices when it comes to vaping, since high-quality e-liquids can be the perfect dance partner for a variety of cannabis-related products that can function in your vape pen.

It’s a complicated world out there when it comes to cannabis and CBD oils, so it’s essential to understand the basics if you want to utilize that e-cigarette for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Can You Mix cbd Oil With e Liquid

Cannabis Oil Versus CBD Oil for Your EC

A recent shift in marijuana law has led to the explosion of products that are now available at vape stands across the country. Since the cannabis plant can have so many different applications, however, misinformation is pervasive, which can be problematic for anyone hoping to find a little slice of green heaven.

Understanding THC in Cannabis Oils.

Similarly to alcohol, people all react differently to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The THC levels in a cannabis-oil concentrate can also be substantially different, which is why it’s healthy to be cautious when choosing what’s best for you –

At the upper end can be cannabis oils of about 60% THC, which is roughly three times what you’re likely to get from cannabis at a cannabis shop. So, if you’re a first-time cannabis user, we don’t recommend using 60% THC cannabis oil.

Yet, blending cannabis oil with an EC doesn’t have to be as extreme either. As long as the THC in the oil is appropriate, you can reap its medicinal benefits right in your EC. This includes treating PTSD and cancers to weight loss and nausea.

While cannabis oils in ECs are also great for discreetly having a little fun too, as well (in states with recreational cannabis legality, of course), e-cigs are a great way to discover the advantages of medical marijuana as well.

What is CBD Oil?

Even though people mix them up, CBD and cannabis oils are different. While cannabis oils provide more serious relief, CBD oils can provide the same effects without the common side effects. CBD oil is also used for a range of chronic illnesses, including chronic pain and anxiety.

A new CBD drug already being seen as a breakthrough for epileptics and their families has been unanimously recommended by a panel of experts for the Food and Drug Administration to approve in April this year.

If fully approved by the FDA, the new drug would be the first-ever cannabis-based medication to ever receive FDA approval, countering the current federal laws that have cannabis labeled as a Schedule 1 drug – meaning it has no medical value.

The positive results regarding the breakthrough drug are also good for CBD oil, which has been steadily growing in popularity in states around the country since the positive data spread. While there are several kinds of CBD oils with different benefits (more about that below), the microscopic benefits are the same

A higher understanding of THC levels as well as the medical benefits of CBD products have paved the way for a bright future for CBD oil. For smokers or ex-smokers suffering from certain medical conditions, taking CBD through an EC becomes increasingly more of a possibility.


The internet is filled with different recipes for making your own e-juice so that you can blend it with cannabis or CBD oil. However, you should consider the fact that you may end up wasting your time and money by trying it in your garage.

Quality is almost certainly going to be a cut lower than what you’d find in the inventories of the most popular e-liquid manufacturers. The same also holds true for preblended vape juice we either purchase or buy as separate components and mix ourselves.

For those who would rather blend cannabis or CBD extract with premade e-liquid, choosing the right e-liquid to mix with your oil is integral to the process.

E-Juice Doesn't Automatically Mean Nicotine Delivery

The nicotine is certainly a crucial part of high-end e-liquids, but it does not have to be. One relatively new option geared specifically for cannabis and CBD vapers is zero-nicotine e-liquid.

While nicotine e-liquids can be incredibly helpful for those trying to stop smoking cigarettes, cannabis or CBD oil should never be consumed with a high-nicotine juice. Unfortunately, a lot of cannabis consumers assume that e-liquid companies only sell liquids with nicotine.

Another reason premade e-liquid makes a great complement to your CBD or cannabis oil is the many different ratios of ingredients available. Even if your oil seller is responsible and uses only the best ingredients for vape juice blends, companies that manufacture vape juice usually sacrifice variety for convenience.

Premade cannabis juice blends are also usually reliant upon propylene glycol (PG), which isn’t bad in itself but also cuts down on your options. While PG will provide the type of throat-hit that many vapers and ex-smokers like,

it’s definitely not an experience for everyone. That’s why one of the very best options currently available is a high vegetable glycerin (VG) e-liquid, which provides a smooth vaping experience and even tends to give off much bigger clouds of vapor (not typically a downside for cannabis fans).

If you vape VG liquid, for instance, you will only taste the naturally sweet taste of vegetable glycerin and can choose zero nicotine, which is perfectly in line with cannabis culture as a whole. Such natural products are also ideal for anyone looking to use cannabis or CBD.

Many vapers are choosing VG-based juice for everyday vaping since it eliminates the possibility of allergy to PG-based juice or CBD oil.


You won’t have to worry about boiling your e-liquid on a hot plate by hand, but you will still need a bit of oil to heat it, instead you need to try to blend in the right amount of e-liquid to find the ratio you want.

You can heat the oil in the microwave on one of the lowest settings, such as defrost, for 90 seconds and you should have a workable oil. If it’s not quite melted enough, add 10 seconds at a time until it is.

After correctly preparing the oil, it’s just a matter of finding the right ratio of e-juice to add. A basic 1:1 ratio will get the job done, but some users prefer a 2:1 ratio.

Those who want only some of the cannabis or CBD oil effects usually prefer a ratio of 2:3, but blending your own vape juice is an excellent way to customize it to your personal tastes.

Using a stainless-steel spatula or silicon one, mix it until it’s homogenized before letting it cool. From there, your vape juice should be ready for your e-cig cartridge.

  • Once you have the right vape juice and cannabis or CBD oil, creating the perfect cannabis vape juice is as simple as this.
  • Watch out for pre-blended cannabis vape juice.
  • E-liquid is not something that should be made by yourself.
  • Look for nicotine-free e-juices in a range of forms.


Despite the fact that Travolta was talking about hash in Amsterdam in Pulp Fiction, “It’s legal, but it ain’t 100 percent legal,” also emphasizes the muddy waters surrounding cannabis and CBD’s legal status in 2018.

In summary, many states are still unsure what to do with all the different forms of the cannabis plant, while federal law has remained stagnant, leaving us wondering what exactly is permitted and what is not in each state.

The Growing Legal Case for Cannabis Oil

For now, cannabis oil completed with THC is only legal in nine states (and the District of Columbia), but the situation is likely to change quickly. With several states pushing for outright legalization in November elections, cannabis oil may be legally available in at least a few more states by 2019.

or even the majority of states jumping on board – more than half of states legalized medical marijuana, and many of those states are looking to come up with even more permissible uses for medical cannabis.

Over 30 states have approved medical marijuana, so state laws governing it differ dramatically from state to state. Some states have passed legislation, but haven’t fully implemented it.

Although cannabis oil is already widely available in the U.S., it is still being used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, with new states likely to join the club in 2018 and 2020.

CBD Oil is on the Doorstep of Full Legality for Medical Use

Even in states like Alabama, which has not been historically known as being pro-cannabis, physicians can now prescribe CBD oils for a variety of conditions.

It is possible to legally obtain a CBD oil for your EC as long as this has a valid medical reason – which is available in most states – since it isn’t made from the parts of the cannabis plant considered illegal by the federal government.

Don't Interchange CBD Oil (or CBD Tinctures) with CBD Vape Juice

If you don’t know the difference here, you might be a bit of a rookie, but the vaping industry as a whole is moving towards inclusivity instead of some esoteric in-club.

There’s no stupid question when it comes to something as important as CBD oil, and people have attempted to vape orally-ingested CBD oil and vice versa, because it’s easy to believe that they’re one in the same despite the fact that they’re not.

CBD has grown in popularity over the years and now you can administer CBD in a variety of ways and the standard two are to put CBD oil under your tongue or vape CBD juice. Although oil and juice can be confused, they’re not and the confusion can lead to confusion for people just beginning.

Mixing CBD vape juice with an atomizer in single vape bottles is a negative experience. The combined liquid will be too thin for any substantial vaping, and you won’t get the effects you’re looking for.

While many people incorrectly refer to CBD products as vape juice or oil, anyone who wishes to mix CBD oil with a separately purchased VG or PG-based vape juice absolutely must know the difference.


One of the benefits of an e-cigarette is its convenience, although this advantage is quickly diminished if you try to use cannabis or CBD oil without some basic understanding of what you’re doing.

It’s a process only for people with patience and, possibly, masochists, and many sites suggest making cannabis oil as well, taking things to a whole new level.

Instead, the process can be entirely comfortable and convenient while still giving you a high level of control over what you put in your EC cartridge. The process can be as simple as making Hot Pockets with the right e-liquid.

In addition to the diverse effects that cannabis-related products can provide, a well-made e-juice can complement your extract while providing a few wanted effects of its own.

Adding in zero-nicotine and low VG e-juices to the mix may also satisfy the purity-seeking cannabis or CBD users, allowing even more ways to personalize your vaping experience.



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