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How to Make CBD Bath Bombs ?

How to Make CBD Bath Bombs : This article has everything you need to know about making your own CBD bath bombs and incorporating cannabidiol into your me-time routine.

New CBD products are being created by entrepreneurs in the CBD industry. One would think that we’ve already had enough innovation with all those gummies, vape liquids, sprays, and a variety of topicals available for sale.

However, that’s exactly when another creative mind appears and says “hold my tincture, I have something special going on with CBD.”

Although topical CBD applications are still being studied, proponents say that the use of CBD combined with relaxing essential oils can be a huge bonus to your skincare routine.

If you enjoy regular bath bombs, then stick around because we’ve prepared a real treat for you.

With this guide, you will learn how to make CBD bath bombs!

Here is what you need to know about this product and its potential for improving your quality of life.

How to Make CBD Bath Bombs

What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

Basically, CBD bath bombs are just regular bath bombs you dissolve in a hot bath and then soak in, but they contain an extra ingredient — cannabidiol.

There is confusion regarding CBD bath bombs because of how the CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Although none of the CBD enters the bloodstream, it can reach the brain via topical application methods such as bath bombs.

CBD can then produce anti-inflammatory effects, ease physical discomfort, provide general relaxation, and reduce stress — thus supporting mental health too.

Bath bombs often contain other ingredients, like essential oils and herbs, that are believed to have beneficial effects on skin health. Some terpenes in these oils can enhance CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects, while others may positively influence our mood.

CBD bath bombs can affect your body differently depending on the ingredients you use to make them. Some contain floral aromas to reduce stress, or citrus fruit extracts to be uplifting. Others contain things like coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and shea butter, which are great moisturizers.

No matter what ingredients you use, hot baths are actually good for you per se. The hot water can stimulate blood flow, helping your body to maintain respiratory balance by opening up the pores, clearing the sinuses, and more. Long, hot baths can help you relax after a stressful day, particularly if you add products like CBD bath bombs for your routine.

Speaking of routines, let’s see how to use CBD bath bombs the right way.

How Long Should You Stay in the Tub With a CBD Bath Bomb?

It is extremely easy to use CBD bath bombs. Just set your bath to the right temperature, play your favorite tunes, light a few candles, dissolve the bomb into the water, and hop in. The fizzy water will fill your tub with beautiful colors and release soothing scents.

If you want to take a CBD bath, try to stay there 20-30 minutes. If you go longer than that, you risk drying out your skin, or hot baths can make you dizzy. Experts usually advise staying a bath between 20-30 min.

Once you notice your fingers start to prune up, it’s time to finish the bath.

How Much Do CBD Bath Bombs Cost?

Several factors determine the price on CBD bath bombs. For example, premium companies using top of the line extraction methods and comprehensive lab testing will charge more than mid-tier companies. For example, CBD oil made with supercritical CO2 will be more expensive than CBD oil made with oils or solvents.

The potency of CBD, additional ingredients, and the size of the bath bomb are also important considerations. Products with more CBD will generally be more expensive than products with less CBD. Likewise, a combined CBD bath bomb with organic ingredients will be more costly as well.

Generally, CBD bath bombs are between $10 – $20 per bomb. Though $20 may sound like a lot for one bath bomb, remember that you are paying for quality. CBD products tend to be on the expensive side considering the technology and expertise required to make premium products.

If you don’t want to spend time hunting around for a cheaper product, you can make your own CBD bath bombs.

How to Make CBD Bath Bombs at Home (Step by Step)

It is possible to make your own CBD bath bombs, so if you have trouble finding a cheaper product, this article gives you the opportunity to make your own CBD bath bombs completely suited to your needs.

We’re going to use CBD along with essential oils, so you can use whichever oils you like best. For example, citrus essential oils are invigorating and can help reduce stress, while lavender essential oils are relaxing and can make you sleepy.

CBD Bath Bombs Ingredients

  • 4 oz baking soda
  • 2 oz Epsom salt
  • 2 oz corn starch
  • 2 oz citric acid
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • CBD oil
  • 10 drops essential oil of your choice
  • Food coloring (optional)

How to Make CBD Bath Bombs Step-by-Step:

  • Mix all the dry ingredients (baking soda, corn starch, Epsom salt, and citric acid) in a medium mixing bowl until well combined.
  • We recommend that you melt the coconut oil in a saucepan on a low heat.
  • Calculate the amount of CBD oil you need based on your regular dose. Add water, essential oils, and CBD oil to the coconut oil.
  • Start by slowly pouring the liquid mix into the dry ingredients while trying not to cause foam. If your product foams, reduce the speed at which the liquid is poured. The end product should neatly stick together. If it appears too dry, you can add more water.
  • Grab two halves of a bath bomb mold and fill them with the mixture and press them together.
  • Remove the top half of the mold, leaving the bottom half to dry somewhat. Once done, turn the mold upside down and remove it completely from the CBD bath bomb.
  • Let the bomb dry overnight.
  • Voila — it’s all ready to go!

Make sure to store your CBD bath bombs in a cool and dry place to avoid any breakage after the dried product is dry. Once they are dry, you can toss them in a hot bath, or wrap them up as a gift for someone special!

Key Takeaways on Making CBD Bath Bombs

It is clear that CBD bath bombs offer a more luxurious option than standard CBD topicals but still offer the same benefits, making the luxurious experience even more enjoyable. If you enjoy long baths, then adding a CBD bath bomb will surely spice it up!

You can even make your own CBD bath bombs at home – the process is super simple! Let us know if you try it out. In the meantime, you can shop the Royal CBD collection for full-spectrum CBD capsules, oils, gummies, and topical creams.



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